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Discover Your Role In The Submarine Service

Our Submariners are highly-trained individuals, working across a number of roles to create an exceptional team. Choose an area that interests you to find out more.


  • Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering Submariner)
    The real secret weapon of The Royal Navy’s silent service, our Marine Engineering Technicians are at the heart of keeping some of the most advance military vessels running. Looking after the mechanical and life-support systems on board, Marine Engineers are essential to ensuring the success of our missions.
  • Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering Submariner)
    If a submarine’s missiles or torpedoes fail, the whole mission can be jeopardised. Our Weapon Engineering Technicians work to ensure this doesn’t happen. These specialist engineers maintain and repair weapons, communications, radar and sonar systems and work with some of the most sophisticated military hardware in the world.
  • Marine Engineer Officer
    Managing some of the most highly trained technicians in the Royal Navy, Submariner Marine Engineering Officers are responsible for managing and maintaining the vital systems of our world-class fleet of strategic and attack submarines.
  • The cutting-edge weapons, sensors and communication systems that our submarines rely on are all managed by Weapon Engineering Officers. Advanced training allows these Submariners to take responsibility for weapon systems including the UK’s Trident Missiles.
  • Information drives our missions and as an Information Systems Officer, you’ll be responsible for managing and maintaining crucial command and control systems on board our state-of-the-art submarines.



  • Some of our most practical, highly trained seaman, Warfare Specialists compile the information and operate the weapons and defensive systems that give submarines their stealth and firepower.
  • Key tactical decisions are often the responsibility of Warfare Officers. These elite experts use highly developed navigational skills to advise the commanding officer and keep the vessel on track.

Communications & IT

  • As part of the surface or subsurface warfare team, the Warfare Communications Branch ensures that the huge range of sensitive information that comes out of – and goes into - the vessel each day, are compiled and transferred via satellite and radio links.


  • Supporting a team of up to 135 people on board our submarines, Personnel Logisticians are at the heart of every operation. Their vital administration work ranges from handling pay to dealing with secret mail. Many also play a part in the control room, steering the submarine.
  • The operational efficiency of The Royal Navy Submarine Service depends on the skills of our Supply Chain Logisticians. Monitoring suppliers worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, everyone on board the vessel relies on the decisions that the logistics team make.
  • Logistics Officers are responsible for ensuring that the submarine and its crew have everything that they need to do their job. Dealing with unpredictable circumstances and challenging conditions demands excellent organisational skills and the ability to anticipate the needs of an elite fighting force.


  • Working at the cutting edge of naval technology requires the highest standards of health and safety. Medical Assistant Submariners provide an exceptionally varied service, giving day-to-day medical care, maintaining health and safety checks and applying their specialist skills in radiation medicine and atmosphere control. No Royal Navy submarine sails without one.


Submariners are truly a breed apart, and the responsibilities that come with being a member of our Special Forces are rewarded with salaries £19,500 to £75,000 P.A.* and a bonus of £5,000.

*As a Commanding Officer of a submarine.

Submariners receive this joining bonus when they complete their training and are awarded their Dolphins.

What's in it for you

£5,000 cash bonus
£19,500 - £75,000 P.A.*

Elite training
Covert operations
Cutting edge roles
*As a Commanding Officer of a submarine

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