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Joining up – minimum requirements

Joining up – minimum requirements

The requirements for entry differ depending on what part of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines your son or daughter wants to join, and it will also depend on their qualifications.

The basics

  • Minimum age to apply is 15 years 9 months
  • British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens may join the Royal Navy or Royal Marines. However, certain career paths are only available to British citizens, such as being part of the Submarine Service
  • Only men can join the Royal Marine Commandos or the Submarine Service due to the Government’s current rules and regulations. However women can join the Royal Marines Band Service

There are opportunities for those with no specific qualifications, right up to those with a degree or professional qualification. All recruits to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines will need to pass a fitness test and tests for English literacy, numeracy, reasoning and mechanical comprehension.

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Keeping you involved

We welcome any parent or guardian who wants to be involved with the recruiting process. You can accompany your son or daughter in all pre-testing or post-acceptance briefings about entry, though you won’t be able to be there during testing or the interview. If your son or daughter is under 18, you are also welcome to accompany him or her during the medical examination.

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