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Mine Warfare, Diving, Fishery Protection And Patrol Boat Squadrons

Mine Warfare and Diving Mission Statement

"To conduct effective mine clearance and diving operations world wide in all navigable waters to protect sea lines of communication as directed by CINCFLEET".

The Royal Navy maintains an on call Mine Countermeasures and Diving force to respond to mining threats to navigation world wide in order to ensure navigational safety of all shipping. When not involved in active minehunting, our ships conduct routine surveys of shipping routes to maintain a database of wrecks and other submerged hazards. Mine Countermeasures forces consist of the Hunt Class Minesweepers and Sandown Class Mine Hunters.

Fishery Protection Mission Statement

"To conduct effective, high quality Fishery Protection operations, in accordance with the requirements of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and to provide operational capability to CINCFLEET."

The Royal Navy's Fishery Protection vessels provide protection to the United Kingdom fishing stocks in order to prevent over fishing of UK territorial seas. Current Fishery Protection forces consist of the River Class Patrol vessels Tyne, Severn and Mersey plus temporary secondment of Hunt Class MCMVs Quorn, Middleton and Chiddingfold, whilst the Castle Class OPVs patrol Falkland Island waters.

First Patrol Boat Mission Statement

"To provide high quality Sea Training opportunities in support of the URNU Mission and to deliver P2000 Operational Capability in support of other Fleet Tasking."

1 PBS consists of 14 P2000s fast patrol craft attached as close to the Universities sponsoring University Royal Naval Units as possible. 5 craft are based in Portsmouth. Each unit has a Lieutenant as Commanding Officer, a CPO as Unit Coxswain, a Part Time Secretary, 4 crew and up to 51 attached URNU students.