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Captain P N Lambourn Royal Navy
Captain P N Lambourn Royal Navy

Captain Mine Warfare and Patrol Vessels, Diving and Fishery Protection

Captain P N Lambourn Royal Navy

Captain Peter Lambourn joined the Royal Navy in 1975 and, after a short period as a sonar operator in diesel submarines, was commissioned as an officer, completing training at BRNC in 1979. 

His early seagoing appointments included Navigation Officer and Commanding Officer of mine countermeasure vessels, and Operations Officer of HMS Brilliant.  During tours as an anti-submarine warfare Sea King helicopter Observer with 826 and 814 Squadrons, he served in HM ships Illustrious, Brave and Chatham, as well as a variety of Royal Fleet Auxiliaries.  Operational deployments have included the Falklands in 1982 and 1984, and the Gulf during the ‘tanker wars’ in 1989.  More recently, during his appointment as Commander of the 2nd Mine Countermeasures Squadron, he also deployed as the combined US/UK surface MCM commander during the ‘second Gulf war’ in 2003.

Ashore, he has had appointments on the staff of Flag Officer Naval Aviation and, following promotion to Commander in 1996, at the Maritime Warfare Centre where he was responsible for Underwater Warfare training and tactical development, including Minewarfare.  He has also held a staff appointment in the Central Staff of the Ministry of Defence, dealing with UK maritime policy towards NATO.  Before taking up his current appointment, he was the Military Assistant to the Chairman of the EU Military Committee in Brussels. He took up the post of Captain Mine Warfare and Patrol Vessels, Diving and Fishery Protection, on promotion to Captain, in May 2007.

Peter Lambourn lives in Hampshire and enjoys a wide range of sport including golf, tennis, squash and running.