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First Mine Countermeasures Squadron (MCM 1)

HMS Bangor in the Norwegian Fjords
HMS Grimsby and HMS Ramsey sail into a stormy Gareloch where they will make HMNB Clyde their new home
HMS Blyth, June 2006

MCM 1 Staff headquarters is based at HMNB Clyde Faslane in Scotland and forms part of Captain Faslane Flotilla Organization. The First MCM Squadron is the most diverse of the two Mine Counter Measure Squadrons. It comprises of eight Sandown Class Mine Hunters and between them, these ships are organized to conduct Mine Clearance work.

The Staff and the ships of MCM 1 could act as part of a deployed operational force, such as within the Arabian Gulf, or representing British interests within a NATO exercise. Alternatively they could be operating in UK waters ensuring that ordnance that remains as a legacy of the World Wars is safely disposed of. Under the Command of Cdr Davies, the Staff of MCM 1 provide logistical and administrational support to the Squadron's ships whether they are alongside during maintenance periods or deployed on operations.

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