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  • HMS Turbulent entry No14
    Well this will be the last entry in our unit diary.  I hope that you have found it interesting - we have enjoyed contributing to it.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No13
    ‘LOGS(Pers)(SM) Dean Hindmarch and Andy Alderson. Life as a Logs(Pers) at sea on a Submarine can sometimes be demanding but it is never boring..
  • HMS Turbulent entry No12
    Cecil Ladislaus (The Tactical Systems Officer) here again,   Having finally recovered from a cracking run ashore in Lisbon, the Submarine is back at sea again..
  • HMS Turbulent entry No11
    We have completed our port visit and have returned to sea to conduct training and operations.  The port visit was a welcome rest and recuperation for the crew – it was our first one in many years.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No10
    Greetings from HMS Turbulent!  My name is Lt Cecil Ladislaus and I am the Tactical Systems Officer, one of the two Watch Leaders.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No9
    Our time on trials is at an end and we are now making our way to Lisbon for some well earned R & R.  Although trials are not the most exciting thing in the world it does give all of us an opportunity to under go training.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No8
    We have had an eventful week since sailing completing everything that we had planned to do as well as dealing with changes to the plan as well.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No7
    Time for another update from me as we continue our time away.  Starting on Friday and that always means Fish for lunch.  Fish Fridays is always a winner with the crew and scran times,
  • HMS Turbulent entry No6
    Greetings from HMS Turbulent – I am Lieutenant Commander Dan Clarke, the Executive Officer of HMS Turbulent.  Today has been a really interesting day and it’s not over yet………
  • HMS Turbulent entry No5
    “My name is Martin Toland and I am the Communications Officer onboard.  I am also one of the two Navigators in HMS Turbulent.  It is a responsible job, but one which I greatly enjoy.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No4
    Thank you for reading my diary entry which hopefully will give you an informative look into what we have been up to onboard HMS Turbulent.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No3
    Hello there, I am Lieutenant Paul Carton and welcome to my contribution to the unit diary of the nuclear submarine HMS Turbulent.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No2
    It is now the 28th and we are now safely in the Mediterranean after having conducted our transit of the Gibraltar Straits. My team are settled down now after having completed lots of training and drills to bring us back up to speed after being alongside for three weeks.
  • HMS Turbulent entry No1
    Traditionally little is known about how submarines operate – we are known as the 'silent service'.   I hope to be able to tell you about our life onboard over a few weeks that will give you a taster of what we do.