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  • Captain's Diary 06 April 2009
    0830 on a hot if hazy Sunday morning and HMS Bulwark and our Task Group are half way through the Suez Canal with the Mediterranean and Phase 1 of the TAURUS 09 deployment well and truly behind us.
  • Captain’s Diary 31 March 2009
    As I reported last week, HMS Bulwark and the other ships and units of the TAURUS deployment have been involved in a big exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Captain's Diary 22 March 2009
    Good morning from a slightly overcast Mediterranean.  As I sit to write this week’s entry there is much action going on around me as we are in the opening phases of the second major exercise of TAURUS 09.
  • Captain's Diary 15 March 2009
    As I write this week HMS Bulwark and her Ship’s Company are enjoying some well earned relaxation in Marmaris Turkey, before we prepare for the second major exercise of our deployment.
  • Captain's Diary 08 March 2009
    As I write this week, HMS Bulwark and her Ship’s Company are in the final stages of preparing for Exercise Cyprus Wader off the coast of…… Cyprus.
  • Captain’s Diary 27 February 2009
    I write this week as HMS Bulwark is conducting her first operational stand down of TAURUS 09; we are in Malta for four days.  Bulwark is berthed on the Valetta cruise liner berth with HMS Somerset, HMS Argyll and FNS Dupleix berthed astern of us
  • Captain's Diary 20 February 2009
    Good day all.  As I write this diary entry, HMS Bulwark has finally set sail for the TAURUS 09 deployment following months of planning and training by both the Ship and COMATG (Commander Amphibious Task Group).
  • Captain's Diary - 3 February 2009
    Since my last diary entry HMS Bulwark has endured three gruelling weeks of Directed Continuation Training (DCT) under the watchful eyes of the staff of Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST).  
  • Captain's Diary - January 2009
    Firstly, may I wish you all a very Happy New Year. 2008 was a very busy year for HMS Bulwark and the Ship’s Company were certainly grateful of some well earned Christmas leave..