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Fleet Battle Staff Headquarters
Fleet Battle Staff Headquarters

With a reorganisation of the fleet, the tasking of the primary Battle Staff increased.

Commander UK Task Group (COMUKTG), the sea going 2 star Commander of the United Kingdom deployed maritime forces, was renamed Commander UK Maritime Force COMUKMARFOR).  The staff expanded to become the UK Maritime Battlestaff (UKMARBATSTAFF) increasing from 30 to 69 personnel including 9 new international officers and a further 60 augmentees kept in reserve.  This staff was to provide the UK's main 1 or 2 star deployable Maritime Component Commander (MCC).  Today's Commander UK Task Group (COMUKTG) is a 1 Star Commander who specialises in Maritime Security and sits alongside Commander UK Carrier Strike Group (COMUKCSG) and Commander Amphibious Task Group (COMATG).
'The MCC straddles the divide between the operational and tactical level, fulfilling a planning function on the Joint Task Force Commander's Command Team and commanding the activities of the maritime component of the force. In the former function he works at the operational level and in the latter at the tactical.

Shortly after the reorganisation of Headquarters Royal Marine (HQRM), a new deployable 2 star called Commander UK Amphibious Forces (COMUKAMPHIBFOR) was established and optimised for warfare in the littoral; whilst maintaining his position as Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM) and Head of Service, Royal Marine Corps.  Set to work alongside COMUKMARFOR, sharing the burden of command opportunities on the Battle Staff plot, he and his staff collocated with UKMARBATSTAFF in Whale Island, renamed Fleet Battle Staff HQ.  COMUKMARFOR, COMAMPHIBFOR, COMUKTG, COMUKCSG and their respective staffs, together with COMATG and Commander 3 Commando Brigade (3 Cdo Bde), which remained largely unchanged, are collectively named Fleet Battle Staff.