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114mm (4.5inch) Gun

The new Modification 1 for the Vickers 4.5inch gun
Firing of the new modification 1 for the Vickers 4.5inch gun

Fitted in all frigates and destroyers the MK 8 gun is the Royal Navy's standard medium calibre general purpose gun.

The primary purpose of the gun is Naval Gunfire Support, the provision of artillery bombardment against shore targets. In this role the gun is capable of firing a 21kg shell at 25 rounds per minute in excess of 22,000m and can provide artillery support equivalent to three shore based batteries. The Mk 8 can also be used effectively against surface targets at sea as well as a limited anti-air capability.

The Gun has now undergone modification and this new Mod 1 Gun is replacing the original Mod 0 Guns currently in the Fleet. HMS Norfolk, HMS Cumberland and HMS Iron Duke all received Mod 1 guns in 2001. With HMS Marlborough, HMS Monmouth and HMS Montrose receiving theirs in 2002. Eventually all the T23s, T22s and the new T45 Destroyers will be fitted with the new Mod 1.