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An ADR is fired from the destroyer HMS York
An ADR is fired from the destroyer HMS York

New decoy system in trials success

The Royal Navy's new Active Decoy Round (ADR) has been successfully demonstrated to the fleet in a firing from the Type 42 destroyer HMS York.

The ADR protects ships from enemy anti-ship missiles by luring them away from the ship towards the decoy. BAE Systems has named the ADR "Siren" after the half woman, half bird creatures of Greek mythology who lured unwary seafarers with enchanted singing. In the case of the ADR, the "enchanted singing" is a radio frequency (RF) jamming signal.

The trial involved an aircraft with an onboard simulator flying low to simulate an incoming missile. The threat was detected by the ship's Electronic Support Measures systems, which passed data to the Electronic Warfare Control Processor, which then allocated the threat to the ship's control system.

DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) scientists have confirmed the ADR deployed correctly and effectively seduced the incoming threat away from the ship. The trial was representative of a real engagement and demonstrated that the system works effectively with the other equipment on the combat system.

The successful trial means that the ADR is now ready to be deployed in RN ships.