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Vertical Launch Sea Wolf is fired from Type 23 Frigate HMS St Albans.
The Launching of the Vertical Sea Wolf.

Sea Wolf LoadingSea Wolf Loading The Sea Wolf point defence missile system is fitted in the Royal Navy's Type 22 and Type 23 Frigates. Using a short range supersonic missile, it enables ships to defend themselves against aircraft and anti ship missiles. The complete weapon system, including tracking radars and fire control computers, is entirely automatic in operation. Type 22 frigates carry two sextuple Sea Wolf launchers but the subsequent Type 23 frigates carry 32 Vertical Launch Sea Wolf (VLS) in a silo on the foredeck. In vertical launch form, the missile has an additional boost rocket motor that is jettisoned once the missile is out of the silo.

Basic missile data:
Weight: 82kg
Length: 1.9m
Diameter: 30cm
Wingspan: 45cm
Range: 6.5km (approx) or 10km in vertical launch
Warhead: 13.4kg