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RN & RM Angling
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RN & RM Angling Association

The RN & RM AA offers Coarse, Game and Sea fishing for every angler, be they complete novice or serious competitor at the highest levels. Novices usually start at local Inter-Unit level and may enter various RN open competitions. Some Command areas also offer coaching and tuition days. At a slightly higher level, anglers may be selected for Inter-Command competitions. From these competitions, anglers are selected to represent the RN Team and may go on to enter National and International competitions. Whatever the standard, the RN & RM AA can cater for your needs and aspirations.

The objectives of the RN & RM Angling Association are:

  • To encourage the healthy recreation of angling throughout the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.
  • To sponsor Service, Command and National competitions that may be considered suitable by the Central Committee.
  • To select and manage representative teams to participate in Inter-Service and National Angling Championships.
  • To form the necessary body for affiliation with National and International bodies. Broadly speaking, the Association is divided into 3 Sections: Coarse, Game and Sea.

RN & RM Angling