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RN & RM Motor Sports Association
RN Rally car whooshes across the sand

The Royal Navy & Royal Narines Motor Sports Association (RNRMMSA) supports members of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines who wish to compete in all forms of Motorsport.

Those who compete on four wheels do so as members of the Royal Navy Automobile Club (RNAC), which is affiliated as a recognised club with the MSA Ltd (formerly the RACMSA). Members compete in National and International Rallying, Circuit Racing, Hill Climbing, Sprinting and Stock Car Racing to mention some of the more popular activities. Personnel who compete on two wheels do so as members of the Royal Navy Motorcycle Club (RNMCC).

Stage Rally and Sprint Events

The RNAC regularly organises Stage Rallys and Sprint events, and the Solent Stages Rally which is run annually is the premier RNAC event of the season, and is going from strength to strength. The challenges of each of the stages which are run on the British Army Driver Training Track at Bovington, make this a popular venue every year.

World Cup Rally

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sports Association (RNRMMSA) enters cars on the high profile World Cup Rally.