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The British Ocean Rowing Team lead by Dom Mee and made up of Royal Marine Commando Reservists Ed James, Peter Bird and Tom Rendell celebrated last weekend (16 Sep 06) after winning The Great River Race on the Thames.

The Royal Navy & Royal Marine Amateur Rowing Association The Royal Navy & Royal Marine Amateur Rowing Association (RN & RM ARA) formed in 1964, following keen interest in the sport at the former engineering college at Manadon in Plymouth. Before this time, rowing throughout the Navy had generally been sporadic and confined to the Naval College at Dartmouth, although whaler and gig racing were strongly supported for several centuries across the Navy.

The Club consists of 3 main parts. RN Squads, Plymouth Command and Portsmouth Command. Individual units RM Condor, Thunderer Squadron and Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth also have their own clubs. Most clubs meet weekly, with coaching usually available locally. All clubs have instructors capable of teaching beginners; funds are also available for professional coaches.

The Association currently has boathouses and usable water in most major Naval areas, as well as men's and women's squads based on the Thames. All levels of participation are welcomed and there is a wide variety of boats catering for all talents ranging from "tub" boats for beginners, up to racing fours and eights for competition at premier regattas (including Henley). Boats are regularly relocated around the country and match each club's ever-changing needs. The Association participates in a wide variety of races throughout the year, with long distance, "Head" races taking place over the winter season, and shorter regattas taking place throughout the summer. There are opportunities to compete in Naval and Joint Service events, along with races at higher-standard national and international events. The main ones being The Head of the River Race and The Joint Service Regatta (JSR). This year Thunderer and Condor dominated the entries at the JSR with the Thunderer coxed four picking up two prizes.

To find out more about the club please visit the club website at the following link:
Royal Navy and Royal Marines Amateur Rowing Association