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The RN Women’s Sports Office has been in existence within HMS Temeraire since 1973, with the role of promoting, administering and organising sport for women in the Naval services. Currently staffed by Lt Debra Vout (RNWSO) and POWPT Leona Cruickshank (ARNWSO), the office remains the focal point for all aspects of women’s sport in the Royal Navy, despite the fact that the majority of RN representative teams are now centrally administered alongside their male counterparts.

At establishment level, we organise and run a programme of events throughout the year, including Navy Cup competitions in Hockey, Netball, Football, Rounders and Volleyball, which are run on a knockout basis during the term. Inter-Unit competitions take place on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon and events for this term and next are given below. Each establishment has a PTI who is responsible for organising women’s sport, so he/she is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to participate in these events (although we are always happy to help.) Enthusiasm is the main requirement for taking part; skill is not essential and everyone is welcome.

Representative Sports
Sporting opportunities for women in the Royal Navy have never been greater than in recent years, with the majority of sports, including Football, Rugby, Cricket and Basketball now available. More ‘traditional’ female sports, such as Netball and Hockey, continue to be strongly supported and all teams are always on the lookout for new talent. We publish a termly Longcast detailing the scheduled events and providing contact details for representatives from each Sports Association; they will be delighted to hear from you.

Grass Roots Events
In addition to 'team' sports we are currently delivering a series of taster/development events in more individual activities. So far this year we have run courses in Golf and Riding and have Skiing, Martial Arts and Surfing coming up.

Whatever your sport and at whatever level you wish to participate, the opportunity should already be out there and if it isn’t, then please let us know. The RN Women’s Sports Office is always available to provide advice and assistance on all aspects of women’s sport within the RN, and if we don’t know the answer, we almost certainly know someone who does!