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New Entry

New Entry Training is in two parts.  The first part, Part 1, is conducted in Unit and Part 2 is a two-week course held at HMS Raleigh in Torpoint, Cornwall.

Part 1

Once you have been issued with some basic items of uniform, New Entry Taskbook and course notes, you will attend   training at least once a week at your local Royal Naval Reserve Unit.

This will encompass training in a whole raft of subjects including some background Naval knowledge, some marching and saluting, and a small amount of information on flags and marks of respect, the rank structure of the Navy, understanding Naval life, Uniform upkeep, passing a swimming test and getting yourself to the necessary standard of fitness and maintaining it.  There will also be a few in-Unit weekend training programmes for you to attend.

During your Part 1 training you will be invited to attend weekend training at other Units throughout the UK.  This training will include Part 1 lessons as well as some adventurous training and team building exercises; which give you the opportunity to practice map-reading skills, and mix with people from other Units around the UK.

Fitness is split into two

There is the 2.4 Kilometre, run which must be completed in a set time.  This is dependant on your age and sex.

The second part is a number of multi-gym fitness exercises – press-ups, sit ups and sprints which again are dependent on your age and sex.

Part 2

This training is undertaken at HMS Raleigh the lead school of New Entry training for the Royal Navy. 

You will join New Entries from other Units for a two-week course of intensive but very enjoyable and challenging training.  This includes time on Dartmoor during the middle weekend, first aid and fire-fighting, completing the assault course as well as your swimming test, the 2.4km run and multi-gym fitness tests, a one day sea survival course and finishes with an impressive “Passing Out Parade”.  Your family are invited to this Parade on the final Friday, but not before you have spent several lessons with the parade staff and a few hours polishing your shoes and pressing your uniform!

Having successfully completed Part 1 & 2 of New Entry training you then proceed to begin your specialist training.