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UK entitled persons queue to embark in HMS York alongside in Beirut this week
RAF Chinooks land on HMS Illustrious
HMS Albion during Exercise Joint Winter 04

How Maritime Forces contribute to Joint Operations

Future UK forces will need the capability to deploy rapidly to any area of the world in response to a wide variety of threats and challenges ranging from humanitarian operations to war fighting. New technology increasingly enables the Royal Navy to work hand in hand both with units of the Royal Air Force and the Army and also with the land, sea and air forces of our allies in Joint and multi national exercises and operations.

The use of a deployable Joint force was a central theme of the Strategic Defence Review. The inherent flexibility of the maritime component makes it well suited to such operations. Its presence alone acts as a deterrent to conflict, it requires no host nation support and can effectively sustain itself independently throughout a campaign. The use of sea basing, gives the capability to project combat forces, supplies and support directly from the sea via surface and airborne means; minimising risk to land forces and maximising the tempo and surprise of the operation.