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    Prepare for your test THINKING ABOUT JOINING?Download our Pre-joining Fitness booklet and stay one step ahead. TEST YOUR SPEEDAnd see how you improve during your training.

    * You must be over 14 to undetake any Royal Navy exercises

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  • Royal Navy Golden Gloves Boxer of the Year

    Royal Navy Golden Gloves Boxer of the Year

    Eli Frankham picks up prestegious Royal Navy ABA Golden Gloves Boxer of the Year Award from the Royal Navy’s David Concarr.
  • Royal Navy Golden Gloves Boxer of the Year

    Young boxers joined Olympic hopefuls for the first ABAE Annual Awards presentations in December 2007.

    Eli Frankham, from Wisbech ABC, was thrilled to win the Royal Navy Golden Gloves Boxer of the Year, having walked away with the Golden Gloves title for the second year running.

    And his excellent performance at the European Schoolboys Championships earned him a gold medal as well as the Boxer of the Tournament trophy.

    It was a huge night, too, for 22-year-old Frankie Gavin. The Olympic lightweight hopeful from Hall Green ABC, picked up two prizes: Senior Boxer of the Year and International Performance of the Year. With the Beijing Olympic Games taking place in August, 2008’s awards promise to be even bigger.

  • Top tips for aspiring junior boxers

    Top tips for aspiring junior boxers

    Royal Navy Boxing Coach, Sgt Graham Alderson, offers his top tips for young lads hoping to make it as an Amateur Boxing Association champion.
  • Top tips for aspiring junior boxers

    1. 1.Try to eat a sensible, balanced diet – It should contain a good mixture of carbohydrates, protein, good fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables.
    2. 2.Stay active and exercise regularly – Aim to train three to four times a week for 30 to 40 minutes per session.
    3. 3.In the early part of your training try to concentrate on improving your skill levels. This will help improve your general fitness. Perfect practice makes perfect!
    4. 4.Give yourself small targets to meet and stick to them. For example, try running for 30 minutes and record the distance covered. Try to beat this distance the next time you go for a run. This can be done with any exercise.
    5. 5.Overall fitness is a must. This includes:
      • Flexibility
      • Strength
      • Speed
      • Endurance
      • Power
      • Muscular endurance, also known as stamina
      • Skill
    6. 6.When training ensure you have the correct clothing and safety equipment for your chosen activity.
    7. 7.Don’t let others lead you astray. Stay Strong.
    8. 8.Be a sponge, the day you don’t learn something is a day wasted.
    9. 9.Although boxing is an individual sport, you need to work with others, your training/sparring partners and coaches. So be a team player.
    10. 10.Believe in yourself and anything is possible.
  • King of the ring

    Written by The Independent’s Steve Bunce.

  • King of the ring

    Boxing is Great Britain’s most successful Olympic sport with many of this year’s Golden Gloves and Junior Championship finalists being the boys who will be men at the 2012 London Olympics.

    Sir Clive Woodward, the British Olympic Association’s Director of Elite Performance, recently said, “I’m extremely confident that these boys can go on to fulfill their Olympic dreams.”

    Sir Clive is right and I know that some of the Royal Navy Championship finalists will make the 2012 squad because they are the best young talent in the country.

    This is the second year of the partnership between the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and the Amateur Boxing Association of England. It is a working relationship with three years left, but the men in blazers on one side and the men in uniform on the other would be foolish not to renew their vows. The Royal Navy, the Royal Marines and amateur boxing belong together as one.

    So keep a look out for tomorrow’s Olympic idol. Remember that you are looking for skill, heart, good sportsmanship and that little something special – the same qualities that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines look for in potential recruits.

    Will that kid from Leeds be the new Amir Khan, and what about that skinny boy from Newcastle, is he the new Dick McTaggart? Make the note, and then wait and see.