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The Executive Department is responsible for the command of the ship. The First Lieutenant (Executive Officer "XO") has overall responsibility of the Department. This department has direct responsibility for the Medical, Chaplaincy, Physical Training and Seamanship aspects of the ship. In addition discipline and routines in the ship are maintained by the Master At Arms and Leading Regulator who act as Service Policemen answering to the XO.

Marine Engineering

The Type 42 is powered by Rolls-Royce Marine Olympus and Tyne gas turbines. The Olympus engines are the same as the engines that drive Concorde at supersonic speeds and develop 25,000 shaft horse power and are used for high speed, while the smaller Tyne engines are used for slower cruising speeds. The gas turbine engines drive two controllable-pitch propellers giving an efficient cruising speed of 18 knots and a maximum speed of over 30 knots. The Marine Engineering Dept. is not only responsible for maintaining these engines but all non weapon related machinery and equipment on board a ship including; electrical generation and distribution, hull integrity and hotel services, fuel management and firefighting, high and low pressure systems and hydraulics. The department has a number of well equipped workshops which are capable of manufacturing spare parts if required.

Weapons Engineering

The Weapon Engineering Department is responsible for maintaining the ship's sensors, communications and weapon systems. The major weapon systems include Sea Dart missiles, the Mark 8 gun, anti submarine torpedoes and the Phalanx gatling gun. In addition, the department maintains the 2050 Active Sonar, and the type 1007 navigational radar and 996 air/surface surveillance radar. The department is also responsible for the safe storage of all explosives held onboard the Ship. Overall the department consists of 35 people, a mix of technicians qualified to HND/C level and semi skilled personnel qualified to NVQ level. It is lead by a Lieutenant Commander.


Although not immediately obvious, the Lynx is the most flexible weapon system on the ship, maintained by a small but highly skilled team of air engineers. The Lynx can deliver Stingray torpedoes and depth charges against submarines, but can also engage surface targets with the Sea Skua missile. The helicopter can conduct many other missions including surface surveillance, passenger and stores transfers, the dropping of sonobouys for joint anti-submarine operations and air sea rescue missions when configured for that role.

Warfare Branch

The ships main weapon system is the Sea Dart Missile. This is a medium range anti-air missile with an approximate range of 20 nm up to 60,000'. The main task of the Type 42 warfare team is to provide area air defence to a task group. The Sea Dart missile also has limited anti ship capabilities. As with all modern ships the Operations Room provides the focal point for fighting the ship. All the sensor information is fed back to highly sophisticated integrated computers, which allows the Warfare team to counter any threat above, on or below the surface. In addition The Officer of the Watch, together with his bridge crew is responsible for the navigational safety of the ship and collision avoidance and takes overall charge of the ship on behalf of the Captain.


With 35 officers and ratings, the Supply Department is responsible for feeding clothing and paying the Ship's Company. The department is split into five main areas. The Writers, in addition to their secretarial duties cover pay, cash and service documentation. The Stores Accountants supply every department with virtually all their daily requirements, whether it be a bunk light, an item for the Lynx Helo or organising a replacement engine. The task of feeding everyone falls on the catering sub department, who decide on the menus, provide the stores and produce three meals a day for up to 270 personnel. The Stewards provide hotel services for the Wardroom as well as forming the backbone of the ship's First Aid parties. Finally the ship has a NAAFI shop which sells virtually everything from chocolate bars, through souvenirs to stereo systems.