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The Reserves enable the Royal Navy to meet its operational commitments in times of stretch, when extra manpower is required; crisis, such as the fire-fighters strike or a humanitarian disaster; or tension, for example rescuing British ex-pats from Lebanon or war.

The role is one you can do in your spare time, but you can get a lot out of it. For some people it can help shape their career, for others it could be a stepping stone to a full-time career in the Royal Navy, and some join because it offers a great social life and the chance to take part in a fantastic range of sports and activities.

Plenty of options
There is a wide variety of roles available in the Royal Navy Reserves, from logistics to seamen, medical and nursing opportunities to analysing and reporting on defence intelligence. Whatever role you do, at whatever rank, being a Reservist is a great way to develop leadership and teamwork skills and enhance your management ability.

Get paid
Unlike most volunteer roles, once enrolled as a Royal Navy Reservist you will get paid for any training and work that you do.

An added bonus
If you complete your minimum training commitment satisfactorily you can also benefit from an annual tax-free bounty. This currently ranges from £382 in your first year up to £1,506 after five years.