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The Fleet


The Royal Navy is a highly flexible fighting force whose duty it is to protect the people and interests of the UK. And to do this we operate all over the world, carrying out many duties.

In conflict

In recent years, personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines have seen active service in the Gulf region, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

Active duty in UK waters

The Royal Navy patrols the area of sea that covers 80,000 square miles around the UK coastline, protecting ports and shipping from the threats of terrorism, drug smuggling, illegal fishing and pollution.

Policing the world’s oceans

Ships of the Royal Navy patrol waters around the Caribbean, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Gulf and the Falkland Islands helping to counter terrorism, illegal immigration and drug trafficking. Royal Marines Commandos have the specialist skills to board and search ships quickly and effectively, if required.

Nuclear deterrent

The Trident weapon system provides the UK’s nuclear deterrent and the submariners of the Royal Navy’s ballistic submarines are the sole custodians of the system.

Humanitarian relief

In disaster-struck areas around the world, Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel have recently helped restore power to hospitals, assisted hard-pressed medical teams and cleared runways so that emergency relief flights could land.

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