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    £12K 'golden hello' for engineer graduates

    We are currently accepting applications for Engineer Officer roles from final year students and graduates of ECUK (Engineering Council UK ) accredited engineer disciplines. Apply today and you could receive a £12,000 golden hello!

    Joining the Royal Navy as an Engineer Officer could give you all the challenges and opportunities you're looking for, in a totally unique environment. It's a career like no other, giving you the chance to take responsibility for some of the most sophisticated weapon and defence systems in the world.

    You'll be working with the most dedicated and driven people you will ever meet. And through your hard work and determination, you'll climb the ranks quickly. After two years you'll be a Lieutenant, working towards your professional or Chartered/incorporated engineer status. With support from the Royal Navy, you could achieve this earlier than your civilian counterparts.

    Apply now and receive a £12,000 golden hello

    For final year students and existing engineering graduates, a life-changing career with the Royal Navy could be just a few months away. Students who apply now will receive a £12,000 golden hello when training begins in September*.

    Students in first and second year can also apply, with sponsorship of £4,000 per year available and an additional £1,500 for military training in holidays and weekends.

    Call us today on 08456 07 55 55, or click here to register with our recruitment team.

    *On joining you would be expected to successfully complete Royal Navy training and then return a minimum of three years effective service, or repay all Golden Hello money received.

    Same 'golden hello' applies if you join as a Marine Engineer Officer or Weapon Engineer Officer.

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