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What Happens At A Presentation

From back left to right Chief Petty Officer Penny Butler, Support Manager, Marine Shane Maddison, Road Team Assistant, Leading Seaman Craig Hawley, Road Team Manager, Logistician Adil Rafiq, Audience Generation Assistant, Lieutenant Commander Paul Snow, Business Manager. Front left to right ‘Lieutenant Clara Hewitt, Road Staff Officer’, ‘Leading Logistician Kerry Wallis, Audience Generation Manager‘, Commanding Officer Royal Navy Presentation Team’, Commander Ian Pickles MDA Royal Navy, Events Director’.
Lieutenant Clara Hewitt, Road Staff Officer’, Commander Ian Pickles MDA Royal Navy, Commanding Officer Royal Navy Presentation Team’, ‘Marine Shane Maddision, Road Team Assistant’, ‘Leading Seaman Craig Hawley, Road Team Manager’.
Commander Ian Pickles MDA Royal Navy

The Royal Navy Presentation Team tours the United Kingdom throughout the year, talking to a wide cross-section of the community about the role played by the Royal Navy in defending the United Kingdom's interests worldwide.

As well as being informative, the occasion is designed to be entertaining and thought provoking.  We aim to bring members of the community together for an entertaining and interesting social evening where we encourage lively debate on any topical issue during the question and answer period after the discussion.

No question is left unanswered, and there is also ample opportunity for people to talk informally to members of the team during a reception at the start and end of the evening where we provide light refreshments in the form of drinks.

Our fast moving multi-media presentation lasts about 30 minutes. It outlines UK Defence policy and the considerable contribution being made to tri-service and multi-national operations by an efficient, flexible, modern Royal Navy. We show you how your Navy operates right across the spectrum of missions from counter-narcotics to anti-terrorism, from defence diplomacy to disaster relief, and from peacekeeping through crisis management all the way up to high intensity conflict if necessary. We also look at the future of the Navy as our plans evolve. Our aim is to demonstrate that the Royal Navy provides a vital and cost effective service to the nation, and will continue to do so.

Commanding Officer Royal Navy Presentation Team