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Welbeck College

Welbeck - The Defence Sixth Form College accepts future Engineering and Technical Officers for the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and MOD Civil Service.

If you have aspirations to join the Royal Navy as an Engineer Officer and plan on studying maths and sciences at sixth form, you could study at Welbeck.

  • You will study at the brand new College based at Woodhouse Eaves near Loughborough, Leicestershire.
  • It is a purpose-built learning institute, with on-site, en suite accommodation, and boasts some of the country's finest, state of-the-art facilities and equipment.
  • You will study alongside other students pursuing careers in the Armed Forces and MOD Civil Service.
  • Apart from the academic side of life, you will also take part in sporting events, social, cultural and leadership activities - all of which will help prepare you for life as a Royal Navy officer.
  • On successful completion of your studies at the Defence Sixth Form College you will be awarded an RN-sponsored university place on the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme.
  • Fees at Welbeck are means tested. You may be studying and living at the College at little or no cost to your parents.
  • You can expect a warm welcome, and the chance to make some real friends, all in the exciting environment of Welbeck.

Your Subjects

The curriculum is maths and science based, including:

  • Maths (single maths is compulsory for all students).
  • A science subject (normally physics); and
  • Further maths, another science subject or an arts subject.

All students have the opportunity to take a general studies paper. You'll work on five AS-levels in the lower sixth, then on three A2-levels in your upper sixth.

Entry Requirements

  • You will need to be aged from 15 years to 17 years and 6 months on 1 September of your lower sixth year.
  • Overall you will need at least five GCSEs or SCEs.
  • You must have, or expect, at least B grade passes in maths and physics, and at least Cs in your other subjects.
  • You must have British or British/Dual Nationality and be medically fit.

If you haven't sat your exams yet, you'll need confirmation from your headteacher of the grades you expect to gain. All applicants will need a reference from their school to confirm their suitability.

What Happens Next?

The RN will sift applications and invite applicants to the Admiralty Interview Board (the Royal Navy's Officer selection board).

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Dated:- 22 Oct 04