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Operational Sea Training

Flag Officer Sea Training Delivering World Class Sea Training

"The most important single factor in a Naval Service is the quality of its personnel and their training." (Fundamentals of British Maritime Doctrine)

In today's uncertain world there are many challenges that face the Royal Navy, ranging from high intensity warfare, to peacekeeping and providing humanitarian aid. As a result, the Royal Navy needs to be highly capable, flexible and responsive to change.

From the Naval Bases at Plymouth, the Clyde in Scotland and a small team at Northwood in Middlesex, Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) provides Operational Sea Training (OST) for all surface ships, submarines and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries of the Royal Navy by a dedicated team of experts, led by Flag Officer Sea Training. Together with land and air units and with increasing numbers of NATO and foreign participants conducting training under its guidance. FOST has established a worldwide reputation for excellence. Over 100 ships and submarines from the Royal Navy and navies of NATO and allied nations benefit from FOST's training expertise each year.

Training is delivered as and when required throughout a unit's life. FOST also supports both individual and collective training ashore for submarines.