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The Fleet


If you choose a career in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, your workplace will be pretty unusual.

Whatever direction your career takes you in, you will find variety unrivalled by any other career. Every few years you will work on a different ship or shore base, where you will enjoy new experiences and meet new people.

Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • An aircraft carrier with up to 1,000 others – they are the largest ships in the fleet and have comprehensive facilities for modern warfare and expeditions around the globe.
  • A Type 42 Destroyer, the backbone of the Fleet’s anti-air capability, or a Type 22 or Type 23 Frigate, versatile workhorses that are equally at home as part of a large task group or on independent operations.
  • A smaller fighting ship, such as a mine countermeasures vessel – the crews of these ships are like a close-knit family ready to do the painstaking job of removing and neutralising mines.
  • A fleet submarine, with a crew of 130, gathering intelligence, inserting or recovering Special Forces, or striking land-based targets with Tomahawk missiles (please note that currently only men can serve in a submarine).
  • A Royal Marines Commando unit – trained to operate anywhere in the world from mountains to deserts and jungles to the Arctic.
  • On a busy Naval Air Station – the helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm give the Royal Navy the flexibility to operate in the air as well as on land or sea.

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