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The Fleet


You will live and work in close quarters with your colleagues, which means you have to be able to get on well with people. It also means you will have a crowd of people to wind down with at the end of the day and plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself.


People in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines often say that the other members of their ship’s company or Unit are like a family. Many of the friends you make will be friends for life.


You will work hard, and the Royal Navy recognises the need for everyone to recharge their batteries. In all accommodation areas, at sea or ashore, there are TV and stereo systems, so that you can take time to wind down and chill out as you watch DVDs or listen to CDs. You can also bring your own laptops and MP3 players loaded with films and music.

Quality time

Sometimes a day’s holiday is given while a ship or submarine is at sea, to give everyone time to relax and unwind when they have been out of port for a long time.

A ‘run ashore’ is the term used by Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel to describe a night out on land or off base!

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