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The Fleet


Wherever you choose to call home, a career in the Royal Navy will allow you plenty of opportunities to put down roots and live an ordinary life.

Where you live

At sea, you will sleep and relax in shared quarters with the other members of your ship’s company. Ashore, the Royal Navy will be able to offer you subsidised single accommodation within your base, dockyard or Royal Marines barracks.

If you are married/in a Civil Partnership, or have children, you can get subsidised family housing.

Many people choose to buy or rent their own private house or flat, often within commuting distance of their place of work. If you choose to live close enough, you will be able to go home every evening when you're not on deployment, like anyone in civilian life.

Many Servicemen and women whose families live in other parts of the UK regularly travel home at weekends, and the Royal Navy has various allowances to help with the cost of this travel.

Away from home

Of course, you could be away for weeks or even months at a time. But on most deployments in the Royal Navy it is easy to stay in touch with family and friends by phone and e-mail while you are away. You will also become very close to the people you work with.

Time off

When your ship, submarine or Unit is at home, or alongside in its base port and not deployed on exercises or operations, you will be able to spend most weekends at home with your family and friends.

The Service offers six weeks’ paid leave each year, plus public holidays.

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