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Operations – Recent and Current

The Royal Navy looks to the Royal Naval Reserve to provide support to the Fleet worldwide on an enduring base and particularly during times of increasing friction and hostility.  This support can be in several guises and without a doubt the most important aspect at the moment is the continued operational deployment of Maritime Reservists.  Fourteen per cent of the manpower deployed on current operations in Naval Parties Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan is provided by Maritime Reservists of both the RNR/RMR.  Going back several decades RNR personnel have volunteered to support continuing Operations and Exercises worldwide.

2006 and 2007 – Iraq. Currently there are numerous RNR personnel in numerous key positions serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

2006 – Operation Highbrow.  RNR personnel deployed to provide support to various units in the region of Lebanon and Cyprus with the evacuation of UK personnel.

2001 to Present day - Operation Veritas/Operation Herrick.  Continued RNR support to ongoing operations in Afghanistan.

2000 – Operation Palliser. Numerous RN units with RNR personnel embarked as part of the operations in and around Sierra Leone.  Op Palliser was in support of the Government of Sierra Leone and the evacuation of UK personnel.

1998 – Outback 88 Deployment.  RNR personnel embarked in RN units on world-wide deployments in 1996 (Orient 86) & 1998.

1982 – Falklands Islands.   RNR deployed in several units and back filled numerous positions during Operation Corporate to recapture the Falkland Islands.

Operations – Future

As already stated, the RNR is continually providing a high level of support to their full time colleagues in the RN world-wide.  This is particularly evident with personnel of all Ranks and Rates supporting operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.

Exercises – Past

2007 – Ex Noble Mariner (Baltic)    
2007 – Ex Bell Buoy (Canada)
2006 – Ex Brilliant Mariner (Gothenburg/Baltic)
2006 – Ex Medical Endeavour (RFA Argus/Gibraltar)
2005 – Ex Bell Buoy (Chile)
2005 – Ex Baltops 05 (Poland)
2002 – Ex Saif Sareea (Gulf of Oman)

Exercises – Future

2007 – Ex Noble Midas (Naples/Mediterranean)
2007 – Ex Suman Protector (Malaysia)
2007 – Ex Bersama Shield (Singapore)
2007 – Ex Neptune Warrior (JMC – Scotland)