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The Fleet


  • Some myths exploded

    You might think the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Commandos are all about fighting people. Actually, we spend a lot of time catching drug-runners and smugglers and delivering humanitarian aid around the world. We even protect fish on behalf of DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs)

    Benefits for parents and guardians

    When your son or daughter joins us they will enjoy good pay, excellent benefits and a promising future. We can help with the cost of their education, too. And you could find that a little responsibility does them the world of good


    How much leave will your son or daughter have? Will you be able to contact them when they’re at sea? Find the answers to some common questions about life in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines

    Information for teachers

    Does the idea of a life on the ocean waves with a bit of adventure thrown in appeal to some of your students? Find out what qualifications and personal qualities they’ll need to make their dreams come true

    More Information

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