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London Borough of Lambeth

Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) scorecard 2008

Overall performance for this Council

This is a council that is improving well and demonstrating a 3 star overall performance.

improving well
Direction of travel against other councils
3 star
Performance against other councils

We reached this overall rating by looking at:

Service assessments, use of resources and corporate assessments are scored on the Local Services Inspectorate Forum scale:

1 = Inadequate performance – below minimum requirements
2 = Adequate performance – only at minimum requirements
3 = Performing well – consistently above minimum requirements
4 = Performing strongly – well above minimum requirements

Direction of travel

The progress London Borough of Lambeth has made in the last year

Direction of travel 2005200620072008
This assessment indicates the progress being made, or otherwise, to achieve improvement.improving wellimproving wellimproving stronglyimproving well

The following summary has been provided to support the 2008 direction of travel assessment:

Lambeth Council is improving well. The Council demonstrates a good track record in delivering improvement in priority areas such as the environment, economic development and reducing crime. Improvement is maintained in services for adult social care and children and young people. The Council has delivered a number of improvements in outcomes for local communities such as reducing anti social behaviour and promoting community cohesion through regular dialogue with the local religious groups. Seventy one per cent of performance indicators have improved during the past 12 months, above the national average. However, there remains a below-average percentage in the best quartile. Workforce development, risk and contract management arrangements are not yet consistently robust enough to meet the Council’s ambitions. Housing services are in need of further improvement. The Council continues to deliver good value for money. The Council works together with its partners well to tackle worklessness, raise the aspirations of young people and support them to achieve better qualifications. The approach to equalities and diversity is strong. Good managerial and political leadership and performance management are driving improvements.

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Use of resources

How London Borough of Lambeth manages its finances and provides value for money

Use of resources 2005200620072008
We have assessed how well the Council manages its finances and provides value for money. 2233

This use of resources judgement is drawn from five individual judgements provided by the Council's appointed auditor:

Auditor judgements2008
Financial reporting2
Financial management2
Financial standing3
Internal control3
Value for money3

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Service performance

How London Borough of Lambeth's main services perform

Service area 2005200620072008
Benefits - The Council's performance in providing housing and council tax benefit services as assessed by the Department for Work and Pensions (external link) and is based primarily on achievement against the 2005 housing benefits/council tax benefits performance standards. More details 2333
Children and young people - The Council's performance in providing children's services, such as children's education and social care. The joint assessment is made by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (external link) and Ofsted (external link) following a review of the Council's overall performance and key indicators. 3333
Culture - The Council's performance in services, such as libraries and leisure, as assessed by the Audit Commission. More details 2122
Environment - The Council's performance in services, such as transport, planning and waste, as assessed by the Audit Commission. More details 2323
Housing - The Council's performance in community housing and, where applicable, housing management services, as assessed by the Audit Commission. More details 2223
Social care (adults) - The Council's performance in adult social care services. The assessment is made by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (external link) following a review of the Council's overall performance and key indicators. 2333

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Corporate assessment

How London Borough of Lambeth is run

Corporate assessment 2005-2008
In assessing how the Council is run, the Commission considers what the Council, together with its partners, is trying to achieve; what the capacity of the Council, including its work with partners, is to deliver what it is trying to achieve; and what has been achieved?

Under CPA - The Harder Test, corporate assessments were undertaken once for each single tier and county council between 2005 and 2008.

Corporate assessment reports

View corporate assessment - 2009 score 3

Joint Area Review (JAR) of children's services report

This assessment is conducted in partnership with the new-style corporate assessment and is published on the Ofsted website (external link).

Percentage figures may not total 100 per cent due to rounding.