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Blackwall Reach


Blackwall Reach is the regeneration area in Tower Hamlets bounded by East India Dock Road to the north, the Blackwall Tunnel Approach and East India Docks to the east, Aspen Way to the South and Cotton Street to the west. It also includes Robin Hood Gardens, a housing complex comprising 213 flats built between 1969 and 1972.

Blackwall Reach aerial viewTower Hamlets Council is keen to address significant deterioration in the condition of its housing in this area in order to achieve the government’s basic decent homes standard. There is now an opportunity to do this within the context of a wider regeneration scheme for Blackwall Reach.

Working in collaboration with English Partnerships, Tower Hamlets Council has prepared a Draft Development Framework. Whilst this set of principles is not yet a concrete proposal, it provides information on the existing challenges facing local people and the prospect of creating a new sustainable community.

English Partnerships’ involvement in Blackwall Reach is two-fold. Firstly it can contribute to the viability and deliverability of any regeneration scheme in the way it develops its own land ownership immediately to the north of Blackwall DLR station. Secondly the agency wants to ensure any regeneration in the area will deliver lasting benefits and future opportunities for local residents.

English Partnerships can contribute its expertise gained in other major regeneration projects to help all partners achieve the shared aim of a vibrant, sustainable neighbourhood comprising high-quality homes, shops, public open spaces, good transport links and community facilities.


Tower Hamlets Council authorised the Blackwall Reach Draft Development Framework as the basis for extensive public consultation in August 2007. The consultation programme has included home visits to local residents as well as a community gathering which took place on 3 November 2007.

On 2 April 2008 Tower Hamlets Council’s Cabinet upheld its initial decision to approve a development framework for Blackwall Reach that seeks the comprehensive regeneration of the area through a joint working arrangement with English Partnerships.


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