Thames Gateway and the Olympics

Thames Gateway: cross-gateway priorities

In November 2007 the Thames Gateway Delivery Plan made a commitment to:

  • build a vibrant economy with an aspiration to achieve 225,000 new jobs
  • improve the quality of life for residents of the Gateway¬†- with an ambition to provide 160,000 good quality homes at all levels of affordability for existing and new communities, reviving town centres, improving public services and providing a better environment through the Thames Gateway Parklands programme
  • establish the Gateway as an eco-region, ensuring that development is in keeping with our ambition for carbon reduction and sustainable regeneration.

No one organisation or agency can deliver this alone. Regeneration in the Gateway will only succeed as a result of intense collaboration and co-ordination, not just between government departments and agencies, but between public and private sector and between national, regional and local partners. The challenge for us is to work together towards an agreed set of cross-Gateway strategic priorities in order to combine economic growth and development with even higher standards of sustainability and a significant improvement to the quality of life for local communities both now and in generations to come.

Our identified cross-Gateway strategic priorities are:

  • improving life for communities
  • improving the performance of the economy
  • Thames Gateway eco-region
  • enhancing education and lifelong learning
  • modern, responsive and efficient transport system
  • increase in the number and quality of dwellings
  • parklands and the natural environment
  • culture
  • historic environment.

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