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Housing in England 2006/07: A report based on the 2006/07 Survey of English Housing

Published 18 September 2008
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ISBN 9781409804451
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This report is based on information from the 17,849 households interviewed for the Survey of English Housing (SEH) in the year beginning April 2006. It also contains some analysis of housing-related data from the Labour Force Survey and the Family Resources Survey:

  • owner occupation continues to be the most common housing tenure in England. In 2007 there were 14.7 million (70 per cent) owner-occupiers, 3.8 million (18 per cent) social renters and 2.7 million (13 per cent) private renters
  • renting is more prevalent in London than in any other region of England: 24 per cent of London households are social renters, 20 per cent are private renters, whilst 56 per cent are owner occupiers
  • the proportion of younger householders (aged 25-29) who are in private rented accommodation has nearly doubled over the past 14 years, from 19 per cent in 1993 to 36 per cent in 2007  
  • nearly half of recent first-time buyers had previously been renting privately, and three quarters were under 35 years of age
  • regionally, the highest rate of overcrowding (6.6 per cent) is in London and the lowest (1.5 per cent) is in the South West. By housing tenure, the overcrowding rate is highest amongst social rented households (5.9 per cent) followed by households in private rented accommodation (5.1 per cent)
  • the number of second homes abroad has more than doubled over the past ten years, from 115,000 in 1996/97 to 248,000 in 2006/07. Over the same period the number of second homes in England has risen by about 20 per cent to 241,000

The SEH is a continuous survey which started in April 1993. It provides key housing data on tenure, owner occupation and the social rented sector, and is a major source of information about the private rented sector.


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