Supporting People

The Supporting People programme offers vulnerable people the opportunity to improve their quality of life by providing a stable environment which enables greater independence.

Supporting People is a grant programme which enables the provision of housing related support services to help vulnerable people maintain or improve their ability to live independently.

This support might include helping an older person stay in their own home, helping someone coming out of homelessness to move towards having their own home, or helping a woman fleeing domestic violence. Supporting People is successful. It enables over 1.2 million of society's most vulnerable people to live independently, and in doing so contributes to the achievement of important national and local objectives.

The key focus of the programme is on getting the right services and outcomes for vulnerable people. This needs local authorities, working in partnership with other service commissioners and with service providers, to make sure that all local services, including Supporting People services, are coordinated to work together properly. It requires authorities and providers to make sure that service design and provision is integrated and focused around and involves the users. All, including Government, need to ensure that the programme is focused on outcomes rather than process.

Housing related support works well with a wide range of vulnerable groups, and there is no such thing as a typical service user. This diversity can make it more difficult to think about joining up services. Supporting People generally works with three different broad types of need, which are:

  • people in receipt of care with support, for whom housing related support underpins health and social care services
  • people living independently with support only, for whom a small amount of support makes a critical difference in being able to remain independent and
  • people experiencing or at risk of social exclusion, for whom housing related support plays an essential part in preventing or dealing with a crisis situation and restoring independence in a sustainable way.

Contact the Supporting People team

The team will be monitoring the Supporting People programme and taking forward any recommendations made in the Independent Review Report.

The Meet the Team document, available on the Supporting People website at:  www.spkweb.org.uk/Contacts/Meet+The+Team.htm  (external link) provides all relevant contact details, including a brief overview of areas of responsibility.

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