Right to Buy

This section outlines the Government's Right to Buy policy and provides guidance and publications for public sector landlords.

First introduced in 1980, the Right to Buy scheme is aimed at secure tenants of local authorities (councils) and those assured tenants of registered social landlords/housing associations who previously held secure tenancies with local authorities. It is open to virtually any secure tenant who can afford to buy.

Tenants must have at least two years tenancy with a public sector body (or five years in the case of new public sector tenants who took up their tenancies after 18 January 2005).

Some properties are exempt from the Right to Buy. These include dwellings occupied in connection with a tenant's employment, and housing specially provided for older people and (in certain cases) people with disabilities.

Tenants looking to exercise the Right to Buy will find useful advice on the DirectGov (external link) website.

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