The ten most recent paper-based newsletters published on all Communities and Local Government sites. We also provide a number of electronic newsletters on specific subjects - visit our e-newsletters page to sign up.

  • WeCan! - Spring 2009

    This is the Spring 2009 edition of WeCan! - the community empowerment newsletter.

    • Added:  16 March 2009
    • Site: Communities and neighbourhoods
    • Type(s): Newsletters
  • National Tenant Voice plans agreed - an update for tenants

    This note sets out what has happened since the 2008 consultation on proposals for a National Tenant Voice, how we see the NTV being set up and how tenants can find out more and get involved.

    • Added:  10 February 2009
    • Site: Housing
    • Type(s): Newsletters; Reports and summaries
  • Housing Surveys Bulletin - Issue Number 4

    A newsletter for users of Communities and Local Governments Housing Surveys: Survey of English Housing; English House Condition Survey and the English Housing Survey.

    • Added:  29 January 2009
    • Site: Corporate
    • Type(s): Statistics; Newsletters
  • Housing Surveys Bulletin - Issue Number 3

    This bulletin provides a summary of the results from the 2006 English House Condition Survey Annual Report and other key findings from Survey of English Housing Annual

    • Added:  9 January 2009
    • Site: Housing
    • Type(s): Statistics; Newsletters
  • WeCan! - Autumn 2008

    This is the Autumn 2008 edition of WeCan! - the community empowerment newsletter.

    • Added:  16 October 2008
    • Site: Communities and neighbourhoods
    • Type(s): Newsletters
  • Sustainable Buildings Research Newsletter 2008-09

    This newsletter contains details of the new projects in Communities and Local Government's 2008-09 Building Regulations research and technical support programme.

    • Added:  13 October 2008
    • Site: Planning, building and the environment
    • Type(s): Newsletters
  • NROSH Bulletin - Spring 2008

    The National Register of Social Housing (NROSH) collects social housing data at individual property level directly from the housing management systems (HMS) of local authorities (LAs) and housing associations (HAs).

    • Added:  12 August 2008
    • Site: Housing
    • Type(s): Newsletters
  • Analytical Services Analytical Programme 2008-2009

    The 2008-09 Analytical Services Directorate's external programme, covering analysis and data collection on housing, planning, urban/regional, economic/social inclusion and the environment.

    • Added:  25 July 2008
    • Site: Corporate
    • Type(s): Research; Newsletters
  • WeCan! - Spring 2008

    This is the Spring 2008 edition of WeCan! - the community empowerment newsletter.

    • Added:  15 May 2008
    • Site: Communities and neighbourhoods
    • Type(s): Newsletters
  • Standard Issue: Edition 4 - May 2008

    This publication is for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) who have signed up to the Respect Standard for Housing Management.

    • Added:  8 May 2008
    • Site: Housing
    • Type(s): Reports and summaries; Newsletters

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