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A1 Foston to Long Bennington link road

A1 Foston to Long Bennington link road

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The Project

Scheme Completed on 22nd October 2004

The £2.5 million project to improve safety for traffic using the A1 at Foston was completed on 22nd October 2004.

This safety project included the closure of 8 gaps in the central reserve and the introduction of "U" turn bans on a further 7 gaps on a section of the A1 between the southern Long Bennington flyover and Gonerby Moor Roundabout.

The Highways Agency has constructed a new link road between Foston and Long Bennington, providing a direct link between the two villages and avoiding the need to travel on the A1. In addition an agricultural access track has also been constructed on the southern side of the A1.

Benefits to road users

  • Improved safety on the A1 by reducing the number of turning movements and therefore the risk of accidents.
  • Provision of the agricultural access track removes slow moving agricultural traffic from the A1 again reducing the risk of accidents.
  • The new link road will allow safer journeys between Foston and Long Bennington.
  • The slips roads at the Main Road and Allington Lane junctions have been improved.
  • The right turn lane from the A1 southbound carriageway to Allington, south of Gonerby Moor Roundabout, has been improved.

Construction of link road and Ease Drain culvert
Construction of link road and Ease Drain culvert

The new Link Road

The new link road between Foston and Long Bennington was opened to traffic on 2nd September 2004. The link road consists of a 1km single carriageway, including a culvert for the Ease Drain, together with a new roundabout and a realigned slip road onto the A1 southbound. The link road provides a safer means of travel between the two villages for cyclists, pedestrians and horseriders.

The Agricultural Access Track

A new access track has been built on the southern side of the A1 to allow farmers safer access to and from their fields.

This has enabled the closure of the gaps and direct accesses from the A1 into these fields. The track consists of 850 metres of concrete slab, 4 metres wide, and a further 650 metres long stone track. This track also crosses the Ease Drain, so we have built a suitable culvert.

Completed roundabout and link road at Long Bennington
Completed roundabout and link road at Long Bennington

Interesting facts & figures

  • Up to 35 construction workers were employed on site
  • Approximately 14000 tonnes of topsoil was removed and around 31000 tonnes of recycled fill was imported to build up the foundation of the link road. 3300 tonnes of asphalt was used to construct the surfacing.
  • Around 100 tonnes of topsoil containing seeds of wildflowers were excavated and relocated alongside the link road.
  • The concrete culvert beneath the link road is 80 metres long and is constructed of 54 units, each weighing 20 tonnes. These were lifted into place with a 90 tonne capacity crane over a period of 3 weeks.
  • The agricultural track consists of about 1000 cubic metres of concrete.
  • As part of the landscaping works, over 700 trees and 7000 shrubs will be planted. This work will be carried out in November 2004.

Completed link road near Foston
Completed link road near Foston

Designing and Building the scheme

The Highways Agency appointed Mouchelparkman as agents and their challenge in designing the scheme was to mitigate the effect of the gap closures incorporating the needs of local residents and landowners.

The Agency awarded the construction contract to Lafarge May Gurney in a joint venture and work started on the 23 February 2004.