Wireless monitoring sensors

Tiny sensors embedded in devices which can be used by individuals to take readings of vital signs and health measures or can provide constant wireless monitoring and relay of readings back to a central point for further action.

Monitoring sensors are set to be an integral part of future healthcare in terms of engaging people in their own health and wellness using telemedicine. They must be considered in future when constructing engagement strategies.

Piloting and tests of different types of monitoring system are currently being carried out. They are expected to develop into widespread use over the next five years or so.

NB. Strictly speaking, measuring and monitoring sensors are a form of telemedicine; however remote monitoring sensors will enable people to measure and monitor a number of key health-related factors themselves and to relate to the health service using this information in entirely new ways. Sensors are included here as they are part of an interface that people will use to interact with healthcare providers in future; we focus upon sensors here only in terms of the ways in which they could affect such interactions and augment relationships and not as a diagnostic per se.

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