Impact review of the Productive Ward

The National Nursing Research Unit, King’s College, London have been commissioned by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement to undertake an impact and learning review of the Productive Ward. Results of the research study will be available summer 2009.  The study aims to tell the story of the Productive Ward to-date and determine its impact on the health service.

The study is seeking answers to a number of questions:

  • How did the Productive Ward Programme evolve and spread?
  • What has been the impact on acute hospitals in NHS England since the formal launch of the Productive Ward in January 2008
  • What credible measures and results are available that demonstrate improvements in patient care and how staff implementing the Productive Ward have increased the amount of time to reinvest into direct patient care.
  • What recommendations from the learning thus far that will strengthen the programme going forward and help future programmes?
As part of this study the National Nursing Research Unit are conducting a web-based survey. If you have experience of the Productive Ward please take part and get the chance to win a shopping voucher by logging on at: