Productive Community Services

Productive Community Services

The NHS Institute is setting up a NHS-wide Productive Community Services programme. It will be a partnership with NHS providers of community health services.


We have the potential to make a difference to tens of thousands of people who use NHS community services. Our intention is to develop an evidence-based approach that can be adapted for use across the range of services and pathways of care and that will resonate with staff delivering front line services. It will focus on those areas for improvement where we can make the biggest difference most quickly for the largest number of patients.


We want to produce a set of improvement tools and approaches that release time for clinical staff to care and release time for leaders to lead by improving the basic ways we organise and manage our work whilst improving quality, safety and patient experience.

The tools will be flexible so that:

  • Local providers of community health services can adopt and adapt them to help accelerate the pace of change and get results for patients and staff
  • Local commissioners can utilise them to encourage best practice in community health pathways

Service improvement survey At the end of August 2008 all directors of provider services were sent an online survey to help us capture the improvement & transformation work that has been taking place in community health services. We will be posting the results of the survey, including improvement updates on this site.


Download the Productive Community Services leaflet (The Productive Series 363.40 KB)

Productive Community Services is part of The Productive Series (The Productive Series 611.85 KB)