Productive Operating Theatre

The Productive Operating Theatre

IMG_0534low res.JPGThe NHS Institute is developing a new programme: The Productive Operating Theatre. This will be the next product in the productive series, and will be similar in approach to the productive ward, productive leader, and productive community hospital, where we have applied advanced improvement strategies, particularly lean thinking, to help staff achieve a step change in performance.

The productive operating theatre will be an important and exciting programme of work that aims to give frontline NHS organisations and staff the knowledge and practical improvement tools they need to:

  • improve theatre performance dramatically, giving patients a better experience, increasing the reliability and safety of care, developing more effective team working and leadership, and improving efficiency by reducing waste, and driving down waiting times.

Three field test sites have now been selected to co-produce the programme, and work has commenced on those sites to develop learning about the most effective ways to implement change and improve quality. The sites are: Heart of England FT, Royal Devon & Exeter FT, West Middlesex  University Hospital trust.  Specialist consultancies will be working with the sites across a range of key issues:

  • Strategic Context of theatres within the organisation
  • Measures and evaluation
  • Effective teamworking and leadership
  • Operational Logistics and process redesign

Once the early learning is generated in the Field Test sites, further hospitals will test the transferability of these lessons, and this will lead to the development of a product, probably modular (like Productive Ward). The product is expected to become available by the summer of 2009.

 The Productive Operating Theatre is part of The Productive Series (The Productive Series 611.85 KB)

View the presentations from the operating theatre measures: expert consensus event” (7 December 2007)

Productive Operating Theatre documents.

  • Advance Notice: The Productive Operating Theatre
  • Preoperative assessment guidance for day cases
  • Preoperative assessment guidance for inpatients
  • Step Guide to Improving Operating Theatre Performance

Your innovations

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