Reflections from participating chief executives

Here are just some of the comments the chief executives made about their experience of participating in the programme.
David Fillingham, Chief Executive, Bolton Hospital NHS Trust ‘The programme has been different from any other that I have attended.  It has been one of the most effective programmes in which I have had the pleasure to be involved.  ‘Delivering through Improvement’ has allowed Chief Executives to co-create a programme which supports them as individuals and also allows their organisations to take the first steps along the road to a new and better kind of healthcare’. Jane Collins, Chief Executive, Great Ormond Street NHS Trust ‘I can see better how to engage and encourage people to get on board.  I am explaining our objectives with a new clarity that works out real priorities.  People understand our priorities and we have a better chance of achieving them’. Helen Walley, Chief Executive, Mayday NHS Trust The whole programme has been invaluable.  It has helped me gain clarity on my personal style and vision and set the framework for how to approach things.  Being part of the programme has helped me separate the big issues.  Without [the network] we would have written a strategy that would have sat on a shelf, instead we are doing the stuff that really matters’. Stephen Ramsden, Chief Executive, Luton and Dunstable NHS Foundation Trust‘The Delivering though Improvement programme has had a tangible impact and raised my aspirations. The whole thing has been tremendous, it has really helped us make improvements, made me see that the L&D should be pushing more.  Participating in the programme has seriously changed the way I do things.  It’s all part of being a more strategic leader.  A real metamorphosis.  It’s all been valuable but most distinctive has been the story.  The story is allowing me to redefine the role of the Chief Executive’. Dr Gareth Goodier, Chief Executive, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust ‘I have participated in many study tours, visiting eighteen countries and this has been the best and most successful and informative study that I have been on.  What we saw in practice is the reality of the more advanced systems for achieving quality patient outcomes and quality care.  I intend taking some of my staff back to learn from these exemplary healthcare organisations’.