Project deliverables

The first phase of the Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership Project deliverables included:
  • Medical Leadership Competency Framework, describes the leadership competences doctors need to become more actively involved in the planning, delivery and transformation of health services.
  • International study, a rapid review of Australia, New Zealand, the Nordic countries, Germany and the Netherlands on preparation of doctors for leadership roles.
  • Link between medical engagement and organisational performance
  • Review of available literature exploring the use of the term medical engagement and the existence of any empirical evidence for its linkage to organisational or clinical aspects of performance. It is also reviewed approaches to the measurement of levels of medical engagement in leadership.
  • Semi structured interviews with NHS Chief Executives and Medical Directors to investigate the link between medical engagement and organisational performance in a range of NHS trusts with differing performance levels
  • A Medical Engagement Scale has been developed to assess medical engagement in management and leadership in NHS organisations. This scale is currently being used in 30 organisations to develop normative data and will be made available to NHS England organisations in the second half of 2009 on a commercial basis. A primary care version of the scale is currently being piloted.
  • A summary publication is now available, Engaging Doctors: Can doctors influence organisational performance?

Since April 2008, the project team has been working with medical and health service communities across the UK to share these project deliverables and learnings. The achievements to date include:

Working closely with all 10 Strategic Health Authorities (SHA) across England and the home countries to:

  • Ensure all SHA’s are aware of the project, in particular the MLCF.
  • Provide advice and support to organisations integrating the MLCF into their training and development programmes.
  • Provide consultancy to support the development of local implementation plans.
Integration into Education
  • We have worked in consultation with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to develop a medical leadership curriculum that will be integrated into all Medical Royal College Curriculum during review in 2009/10.
  • The MLCF is being considered in the General Medical Council (GMC) Tomorrow’s Doctor review, to ensure medical students are developing competence in leadership from early stages of their medical training and career
  • Good Medical Practice is not due for review until 2010 but the project team are working with the GMC to ensure principles from the MLCF will be integrated into this important guidance for all doctors.
Throughout 2008 we attended a number of conferences and exhibitions to inform as many people as possible of the MLCF. We have received enthusiastic feedback and  become aware of a number of medical leadership initiatives taking place across the country.
What’s next?
The project team are continuing to work with all SHA’s and home countries to foster adoption of the MLCF as it becomes integrated into everyday life for doctors and medical students across the United Kingdom.
If you are interested in using the MLCF or other facets of the project, please contact us on 020 7271 0306 or email
You can download copies of all project deliverables here and keep up to date with our Project News section.