What is NHS Live?

NHS Live is a free, national learning network supporting staff, patients and their communities to realise local ideas for improvement. We seek to support a movement of enthusiasts looking to improve health and social care for patients. We do this by placing patients at the heart of the journey and seeking learning and challenge from all sectors.

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How do we do this?

By supporting leaders of frontline projects around the country and then bringing people together in local, regional and national networks to learn from each other. The emphasis is on local projects that involve staff, patients, the public and a wide range of local stakeholders in improving the quality of health and social care.

This could mean anything from better coordination of diabetic care provision through to community-based schemes for keeping older people active.

Some NHS Live project teams are matched with selected corporate partners who offer their private sector expertise and project management support.

Who’s involved?

Over the past 3 years more than 700 people from health, voluntary and private sector organisations have joined the NHS Live community. We have captured the learning throughout this period and currently have 180 plus projects registered. This means we have a massive amount of frontline expertise and the enthusiasts to spread ideas quickly across the NHS and social care organisations.

What can you do?

If you’re involved in a suitable project, or have an idea for one, register with NHS Live.

If you’re already registered:
Go to the forums to share your ideas
Search the project database to see what you can learn from other projects.

Recognition for NHS Live

In 2005 NHS Live won four awards. The awards, which are listed below, are testament to the great work going on in NHS Live projects. A big congratulations to everyone involved. The awards were:

  • Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Silver Award for Change Management 2005
  • Communications in Business (CiB) Communications Excellence Award 2005 for Stakeholder Involvement
  • 'Events' magazine Gold Award for Best Conference/Marketplace
  • Gold Award for Most Effective Event by Sector.