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NHS Live case stories provide further information on how NHS Live projects around the country are improving health and social care. They complement the short 75 word project description that must be provided by all NHS Live projects listed in the NHS Live directory.

NHS Live case stories detail each projects

  • Aims
  • Most important objectives
  • Approach to patient involvement
  • Improvement outcomes
  • Deadlines and milestones
  • Approach to evaluation
  • Key learning

NHS Live case stories are available as PDF documents that can be easily downloaded and used to promote your work locally, regionally and nationally.

Not all NHS Live projects can be made into case stories as projects need to be well progressed in order to make a good case story. In order to have a Case Story produced the project should:

  • Have run for a minimum of 12 months
  • Have some measurable success
  • Be a registered NHS Live project (adhering to all outlined project criteria)
  • Allow access to those involved for interviews and proof reading.
  • Be able to provide photos/supporting documents for the case story.

 If you need some help to progress your project to become a case story email the NHS Live team 

The NHS Live team will produce your case story for you. In order to produce the case story the team will need to collect information about your project. If you are interested in becoming an NHS Live case story it would be helpful to consider the above points and think about the information you will be able to supply to the NHS Live team to help them to prepare your case story.

When you register your project with NHS Live and select the box:

□ We are interested in becoming an NHS Live case story 

you will be added to the list of projects waiting to be made into a case story. A member of the NHS Live team will be in touch with you within four weeks of your registration to discuss your NHS Live case story.