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LearningDisabilityHandbook.bmpNHS Live works closely with the Health and Social Care Awards. Each year one of the award catergories is the NHS Live Award.

The NHS Live award is made to an NHS Live registered project that demonstrates they have a solution to a problem that is able to be replicated across the NHS. This award is run at national level only. 

To be shortlisted for this award, applicants need to demonstrate that their project has a high degree of scalability. Assessors also look for evidence of:
  • Involving patients, carers, staff and other stakeholders wholeheartedly in the development and delivery of the solution
  • The positive impact of the change within the organisation
  • Measures will need to demonstrate the benefit to patients, staff and the organisation
  • A high degree of scalability either at organisation, regional and/or national level
  • Fit with local strategic priorities

All NHS Live Award finalists have the opportunity to join a development and learning programme co-ordinated by NHS Live.