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moon105.jpgChris Moon currently runs the 'Aspire to Inspire' seminars. He is a world class speaker on the subjects of change management, motivation, leadership and the concept of limitation.

A former Army Officer who survived kidnap by the Khmer Rouge guerrillas in Cambodia. He was blown up walking in a cleared area in Mozambique losing lower right arm and leg but survived through fitness and determination.

He is the first Amputee to complete the Great Sahara Run and he has run the length of Cambodia some 700km and to complete Badwater Death Valley Ultra 135 Mile Fun Run in air temperatures close to Delia Smith recommends for slow cooking chicken! Visit Chris Moon's website.

john drewry.jpgJohn Drewry’s Making Words Work™ will increase the transactional power of your text at every stage.

Each module gives you more power, and you build up your skills in easy steps. All the modules are related to each other. Their ongoing use will continually hone the effectiveness of your documents – you just get better and better. Go to for more.

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In our enjoyable yet highly effective style we apply our unique expertise in storytelling and theatre as a powerful tool to inspire learning and produce results.

TheWholeStory uses the skills and techniques of storytelling in an engaging and innovative way to enhance individuals and organisations.

Visit the booking site for details and to book your place.

darren hasell picture colour.jpgDarren Hasell has been acknowledged as one of the most prolific up and coming speakers in his profession today.

In just three years his talent at communicating new business principals and cultural change have lead several of the largest companies in the world and almost every sector of the healthcare industry and NHS to seek his advice on the way forward.

His skill is in articulating what motivates people and what works in business. His unique style and refreshing approach always cause you to question where you are and where you are going. Contact Darren.

pip1.jpgPip Hardy
I believe that learning should be both delightful and engaging. People are more likely to learn if they enjoy what they are doing and if they have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences.

This means paying attention to how information is communicated – and how it is likely to be interpreted. Pilgrim Projects take up the story.


Alfie Deliss aka Mr Sketchum

Alfie is a caricaturist and a regular at NHS Live conferences. Visit Alfie's website to find out more.