Monitoring Progress

Process 5.jpgWhen the improvement has completed its pilot testing and begins full-scale implementation, a baseline will have been established that will allow you to determine whether the desired level of improvement has occurred.

The message within this section is that both measurement and communication must continue if you are to sustain or ‘hold the gains’. If staff are not able to identify and document either ongoing improvement or slippage they will be unable to either take corrective action or think about how the process could be improved even more. There is a resonance in the saying ‘we manage what we measure’. More than just maintaining position, measurement and communication help the team to look toward ongoing improvement of their processes beyond the point when the change is implemented.

What is it all about?

Ensuring that you have a system in place to continually and effectively monitor the progress of change.

Why is it important?

  • Measuring keeps us informed about success and identifies further areas for improvement.
  • In the absence of feedback, serious flaws or ‘slipping back’ may go unnoticed.

How do we get it?

  • Find out what is already being collected by others.
  • Build measurement into current reporting systems.
  • Communicate the impact and benefits widely.
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