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#NOF team

The Neck of Femur (#NOF) team has developed a more effective management of elderly patient care.

This project sees the patient jointly cared for from admission by both the orthopaedic surgeons and geriatricians. A retrospective stud ...

Added: Thursday 20 March 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Am I OK?' website
The ‘Am-I-Ok?’ website addresses many questions young people may have about their own mental health.

The website helps young people recognize ‘at risk’ mental states, acting as a signpost to appropriate services. &ls ...
Added: Thursday 28 August 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'An hour to save a life' project team

This project aims to significantly reduce healthcare associated infections at Musgrove Park Hospital through educational presentations.

It creates a communications experience to reduce infection rates enabling people to feel integ ...

Added: Monday 15 September 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'At a Glance' Fluid Balance Bar Chart

This new chart shows cumulative fluid balance totals in visually compelling bar format.

The detailed numerical data on standard cumulative charts are not easy to grasp quickly. This additional chart is designed for display on top of ...

Added: Tuesday 8 July 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Fit 4 Life' project

‘Fit 4 Life’ is a health improvement project designed to address health inequalities in South Birmingham.

The ‘Fit 4 Life’ team is employed by the council and consists of three qualified and experienced exe ...

Added: Wednesday 18 June 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Food for thought' project
The ‘food for thought’ project provides continuing and end of life care in a hospital setting.

Beech Ward is a thirty-bed ward within Doncaster Primary Care Trust. Nutrition in hospital has suffered from some adverse reports in ...
Added: Tuesday 24 June 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Forget Me Not' Centre
This project involves an innovative service for younger people with early onset dementia.

They aim to create a culture of hope, recovery and an expectation of quality of life. This is achieved by ensuring that clients’ autonomy, self- ...
Added: Thursday 5 June 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Hard Day's Night'
This project is a novel ward simulation teaching session involving final year medical and nursing students.

‘Hard Day’s Night’ is easy to run within any teaching centre devoid of need for high-tech equipment. It aims to pr ...
Added: Friday 2 May 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
This project provides an improved information service for patients suffering with long-term conditions (LTC).

The team has designed an information prescription (IP) allowing a LTC patient to take better care of themselves. The list of LTC f ...
Added: Thursday 1 May 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'If you only knew...' project
This project tackles stigma against people with mental ill health, substance misuse problems or learning disabilities.

It aims to challenge negative assumptions about people who use the services and promote understanding. It is a multimedia ...
Added: Tuesday 23 December 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'InSight' project
This project is a demand management tool that reduces referrals for first outpatient appointments.

The ‘InSight’ tool provides a mechanism for practices to manage referrals on a real-time basis. This enables them to access weekl ...
Added: Wednesday 18 June 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Route to a Solution'
This is a rapid change programme focussing on clinical pathways known as ‘Route to a Solution’.

It’s a three meeting process, each with a maximum of 2 hours over a six week period. The process is designed to maximise clini ...
Added: Thursday 19 June 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Skilled not registered workforce' programme
This project aims to develop our ‘skilled not registered workforce’.

For the past two years, Lincolnshire Teaching Primary Care Trust has been leading this programme across the health community. The programme creates an opportu ...
Added: Friday 18 April 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Sophies' Place'
A purpose-built children’s area has been developed to assess and signpost them to the appropriate care setting.

‘Sophie’s Place’ will improve the patient journey, minimise distress and prevent unnecessary admissions. ...
Added: Tuesday 9 September 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'Straight to Test' - upper GI cancer assessment service
This project aims to improve patient access safely and speed-up diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The service began in April 2006 in collaboration with PCTs and cancer and endoscopy services. Patients were offered diagnostic endoscopy with ...
Added: Wednesday 7 May 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
'That Place' team

This project supports early intervention with young people who are experiencing mental and emotional wellbeing issues.

‘That Place’ focuses on hard to reach young people aged 14 – 19 years (and up to 25 years with additiona ...

Added: Wednesday 18 March 2009
Category: NHS Live Projects
5 General Support Medical Regiment
This project allows pre-hospital emergency care Army medical staff to maintain their clinical and medical management skills.

It has always been a challenge for commanding officers to achieve this whilst staff is in barracks. Past relationsh ...
Added: Friday 11 April 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
A 'serious game' to train laparoscopic knot tying
This project involves a simulator to allow training and assessment of laparoscopic key skills.

This proposal will see the development of a low cost simulator within a ‘serious game’ format. Laparoscopic stitching and knot-tying ...
Added: Monday 23 June 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects
A different experience
This project’s aim is cultural change and to develop a real partnership between service users/carers as valued citizens.

Mersey Care believes that service users/carers have the right to be involved in the decisions affecting their liv ...
Added: Tuesday 13 January 2009
Category: NHS Live Projects
A new model of nursing handover to improve the standard of documentation
This project introduces a new model of nursing handover into one hospital ward area.

Following routine audit and complaint investigation, the ‘Reading’ handover was designed. A comparison study was undertaken after the implemen ...
Added: Monday 31 March 2008
Category: NHS Live Projects

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